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Hi! My name is Krista Glover. I live in Jupiter, Florida with my husband, Lucas Glover and two lovable children, Cille and Luc! Cille is six years old, and Luc is 3. They are the loves of my life, and everything that I do is for them. Here are some Krista Glover Images.

Before I moved to the sunny state of Florida, I lived in Maine. A bit different than the warmth and humidity I get in the south, but still a place of warmth in its own way and a great place to grow up and learn quality family values. Here are images of krista glover. I spent my childhood as a pageant girl, playing sports and was on my high school women’s basketball team. I had the best time and made life long friends that I stay in touch with today! 

Krista Glover Images & Pictures

My mission is to empower other women. You can say that I am a team player in life as well! I love being around and part of supportive and inspirational women who want each other to succeed in every aspect of life!

After moving from Maine, I met my husband, Lucas through a mutual friend. We were so fortunate to have two incredible children. They are my most significant accomplishment in life, and I couldn’t be more grateful to watch them grow and thrive in everything that they do! Family activities are what I look forward to most in life because family is everything to me. It is what inspires and pushes me to be the best version of myself every day. Not just for myself, but my kids, husband, and as an entrepreneur. Krista Glover Pics I strive to instill the good values that I gained growing up, into my children, so that they grow up confident and responsible!

Krista Glover Images & Pics

I want you to get to know me a little bit better:
I’m 37
I’m a big believer in always being yourself
I’m loyal, family oriented and generosity runs in my blood (or at least I think it does ;))
I love classic rock music
One of my passions is event planning. I’ve always loved to decorate and turn my visions into reality. My college friend and I decided to start an event planning business here in Florida. We know how to knock an event out of the ballpark for an occasion! Planning events with my best friend allows me to be creative and do what I love every day. I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to grow and decorate with such a great business partner and friend.

I like to think of myself as a very loyal friend and non-judgmental person. My favorite quote is, “You pass the same people on the way up as you do on the way down.” We all have ups and downs in our lives; we all have good moments and bad. But being there for others and believing in them (and their ability to do or overcome anything) are characteristics that I hope I convey to everyone I meet.

Krista Glover